A South San Francisco DoorDash delivery went south when a liquor store clerk reminded a DoorDash driver that the mask goes over your nose, which resulted in a death threat and attempted strangulation.

The old reminder that “The mask goes over your nose” is an often unwelcome reprimand for maskholes nationwide. But generally, the individual who’s reminded to wear their mask properly does not react as poorly as one Bay Area DoorDash driver, who according to KRON4, strangled and threatened to kill someone who told him that the mask should be covering his nose.

The incident took place in March 2021, and 31-year-old DoorDash driver Rimmer Ignacio Cortez Garcia Jr. of Los Banos stepped into Friends Liquor on San Felipe Avenue in South San Francisco. The clerk reminded Cortez Garcia that his mask should be covering his nose, and said he would cancel the DoorDash order Cortez Garcia was completing if he did not pull the mask over his nose.

“[Cortez Garcia] was angered,” San Mateo County prosecutors wrote in a filing. “Defendant grabbed victim by (the) throat and began strangling [the] victim.”

Prosecutors also say Cortez Garcia threatened to kill the store clerk while attempting to strangle him. The clerk managed to wriggle free, ran to a stock room, and called 911. The incident was recorded on store video cameras.

Not long after the attack, Cortez Garcia pleaded no contest to a felony assault charge at his hearing this week. He’ll be sentenced on March 7, and faces up to a year in San Mateo County Jail.

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Image: Fábio Lucas via Unsplash