Friends and family of 37-year-old Crystal Lea McCarthy are still organizing furiously to find her, but police have troubling evidence she may have been swept away in a flood after feeding residents of a homeless encampment.

A 37-year-old Napa woman has been missing for eight days now, and as seen below, her friends are at this moment searching frantically, while pleading for help from drone operators, tracking dog teams, anyone who might have a resource that can be useful in finding a missing person. According to the Facebook group Find Crystal Lea McCarthy, McCarthy was last seen the evening of December 13 at about 9 p.m., and was likely on the and was likely Napa River Trail between Lincoln Avenue and Trancas Street.

McCarthy has orange red hair, hazel eyes, and is 5’-5” height and weighs 155 pounds.

The Napa Police Department has reason to believe, though, she may have perished in a flood along that river trail. The Chronicle reports that she may have been swept into the river that night, as it was raining heavily at the time of her disappearance, her belongings have been found, no one has touched her bank account, and a fisherman reported seeing a body with red hair in the river (an organized search party did not find the body).

“We suspect she went in the rushing river based on the proximity of her personal belongings, but it is entirely possible she walked away or was taken away,” Sgt. Peter Piersig of the Napa Police Department told the Chronicle. “Since we can’t rule out that she met foul play, we will continue to investigate.”

What’s more potentially heartbreaking, McCarthy may have been near the river because of her penchant for taking food to homeless encampments. She was known to deliver food to encampments near the river, and was seen on surveillance video accompanying an encampment resident to a store to buy alcohol. Police have spoken with that resident, who is not considered a suspect.

“She always wanted to be very charitable,” McCarthy’s boyfriend Drew Wright told the Chronicle. “She’s always been very empathetic toward the homeless. She used to do lots of homeless outreach when she lived in Oakland.”

Anyone with potential information on McCarthy's disappearance is asked to contact Detective Brandt Keown at (707) 257-9592 or [email protected].

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Image: Find Crystal Lea McCarthy via Facebook