A body turned up Monday afternoon at the Tesla plant in Fremont, and something’s suspicious, because Fremont Police have referred the case to their homicide unit.

Shortly before 3:30 Monday afternoon, the Fremont Fire Department responded to a call of “a subject down,” as the Fremont PD euphemistically puts it, in the Fremont Tesla plant parking lot. The fire department immediately pronounced that individual deceased. And once police arrived, investigators deemed the death ‘suspicious’, and now NBC Bay Area reports the death in the Tesla parking lot is being investigated as a homicide.

Or, as Fox News reports it, “The death came hours after Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, was revealed Monday as Time Magazine's Person of the Year."

We don’t have any information whatsoever about the deceased individual’s name, age, or whether they have any connection to Tesla or the factory. Similarly, no word yet from Fremont PD about possible motives or suspects.

CNBC reached out to Tesla, but of course they got no response. That’s because Tesla dissolved its public relations department in 2020, and the company no longer responds to media requests for comment.

This being Tesla, people will speculate that it was a whistleblower being silenced, a self-driving car accident, or something sinister involving Elon Musk. But the reality is that the plant is massive, more than 10,000 people work there, it’s essentially the size of a small town. So you will have incidents like in any town, and while it may or may not involve the company Tesla, law enforcement does currently believe there was foul play.

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Image: Dustin E. via Yelp