• After a series of smash-and-grabs hobbled foot traffic in Union Square, holiday shopping busied (a bit) in the area over the weekend. Crowds, though not at their usual peak, were noticeably denser Saturday and Sunday than they've been as of late... with SFPD presence still high amid fears of additional holiday looting. [ABC7]
  • Many NorCal Planned Parenthood locations are preparing for an influx in out-of-state abortions. The CEO of Planned Parenthood Northern California, Gilda Gonzales, said that the real threat of Roe v. Wade being reversed, as well as states like Texas continuing thier assault on reproductive rights, could put a strain on the region's clinics: "If the Supreme Court does damage to Roe, we estimate that 26 other states will begin to deteriorate abortion access for their residents in their states. And it is estimated that California could see a 3,000 percent increase in patients coming to us." [ABC7]
  • Dense Fog Advisories were issued by the National Weather Service for parts of the Bay Area — specifically in much of Marin County — until noon today. [KRON4]
  • Long lines at vaccination sites in South Bay were reported this weekend as the Omicron variant continues to spread across the globe. [KPIX]
  • Don't forget that Golden Gate Park is all sorts of lit up again with the Entwined exhibit on display at Peacock Meadow and Uncle John’s Tree now decorated with holiday lights. [Hoodline]
  • Much like what the United States experienced with the Delta variant: This newest Variant of Concern was likely in the country far before it was first recorded in San Francisco. [New York Times]
  • New studies suggest that about 45% of registered mining interests in the Amazon were located inside Indigenous territories — an area totaling the size of Iceland — threatening the existence of hundreds of obscure, uncontacted Indigenous communities. [Mongabay]
  • The Michigan parents of the Michigan teen charged with killing four students at Oxford High School were caught hiding in a Detroit commercial building Saturday; their bond is collectively set at $1M. [Associated Press]

Photo: Getty Images/Miikka Skaffari