Town council meetings in Los Gatos have been moved back to Zoom as maskless loons keep revving up the crazy, but they’re also targeting the mayor’s household.

Outside of our liberal Bay Area enclave, cities and townships in the rest of the country are grappling with school board meetings getting so violent over vaccine and mask requirements that the FBI is stepping in to address the increasing number of death threats. But it’s actually happening here in our liberal Bay Area enclave as well, as the Mercury News reports that a seemingly coordinated intimidation campaign by QAnon adherents in Los Gatos has been disrupting town meetings and threatening city officials.

Per the Merc, their hodgepodge of grievances includes “denouncing critical race theory, calling the LGBTQ community a terrorist organization and touting theories from the conspiracy group QAnon.”

One of those nuts recorded their interview with a Merc reporter and posted it to YouTube, and it gives you a sense of their stream-of-consciousness, angry Trumper mindset. “Third of all, we’re protesting the Critical Race Theory as seen throughout town on the ‘Listen, Learn, Change, Grow banners,” complains resident Lynley Kerr Hogan. These "Critical Race Theory" banners can be seen below, as posted to Facebook by the local Rotary Club.

The harassment campaign is getting more intense, and oddly, the agitators are happy to post everything to YouTube. One of their points of contention, as KPIX reports, is that Los Gatos Mayor Marico Sayoc is executive director of Counseling & Support Youth Services (CASSY), which provides mental health services to teens, so of course conservatives think this a gay George Soros-funded cabal. “I do consider LGBTQ to be a terrorist organization,” one woman complains, in the video below. “CASSY and the schools told my daughter, my lovely daughter, that she could be a boy.”

The woman goes on, nonsensically, to say that she has nothing against LGBTQ individuals, it's just "the organization" that she's talking about.

The meetings have gotten so disruptive that they’ve moved back to Zoom, where disruptors can be muted. But the disruptors have merely taken their harassment to the mayor’s residence, and of course, posting it to YouTube.

The woman filming the segment is under the impression she is delivering a restraining order to the mayor’s husband.

“I will kill you said the mayor’s husband! I will kill you said the mayor’s husband!” she yells, before escalating her shrieks into, “Mayor Sayoc, I am so sorry for what you have caused all of us! The pain of LGBTQ and Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory! In our town! That’s bullshit, you don’t belong in this town, you oppressors!”

There’s really no rhyme or reason to their grievances here, but the escalation of bullying tactics is surely a concern to that community. KPIX’s Maria Medina called one of the protesters to ask their concerns. “She said she had no comment and hung up on me,” Medina reported.

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Image: mscyntastic via Youtube