Gusty winds from Sunday's bomb cyclone blew over two semi trucks on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, causing at least one injury and damage to other cars.

Winds on Sunday morning caused the Golden Gate Bridge to "sing" more than usual, but the Richmond Bridge was positioned for more disastrous impacts as the winds gusts upwards of 40 miles per hour. The windy part of the day happened on the earlier side for most of the central and northern part of the Bay Area, but it's not clear when these two trucks toppled on the westbound, lower deck of the Richmond Bridge. Both incidents appear to have happened close together, and as of 5:20 p.m., at least one of the toppled trucks was still blocking lanes on the bridge and causing a traffic backup.

One Twitter user said the two downed trucks were within 100 yards of each other.

One truck driver was reportedly hospitalized with injuries. It's unclear if any other vehicle drivers were also injured in these accidents.

It was without a doubt a record-setting day for wind around the region. A 60 mile-per-hour gust of wind was recorded at SFO on Sunday, and gusts of over 70 miles per hour were recorded in Marin County and on Mount Tamalpais. The strongest gust of all, 92 miles per hour, was recorded at a remote peak southeast of Livermore in Alameda County, according to the National Weather Service.