A new restaurant specializing in Cantonese barbecue is coming to Bernal Heights next summer, and it's called Go Duck Yourself.

It's an expansion for 41-year-old Chinatown mainstay Hing Lung Co., known for the roasted ducks always hanging in its windows, and it's going to be a sit-down version of the takeout operation that opened during the pandemic from owners Eric and Simon Cheung. The menu at Go Duck Yourself will feature roast duck, roast pork, barbecue pork, soy sauce chicken, and poached chicken, as the Chronicle reports.

The location is a former liquor store, Discount Club Liquors, at 439 Cortland Avenue (at Wool Street). The brothers say they chose the area strategically after seeing that many of their delivery app orders in the last year came from the southeastern quadrant of SF, and south of the city on the Peninsula.

Indoor seating will be limited at just 20 seats, but this will also be a takeout operation, and all the meats will be roasted on site.

The Cheung brothers took over Hing Lung Co. from their father, who bought the business in the 1990s. The place has become known for its roast duck as well as for its pork belly, and its honey-glazed char siu pork.

Chronicle food critic Soleil Ho included Hing Lung Co. on her recent list of the best restaurants in San Francisco, writing, "The staff here are meat artists who can deftly break down whole pig carcasses, achieve the ideal mahogany-colored skin with their roasted ducks, and brush pork skin with lard to give it extra crackle. The duck, in particular, is incredibly rich and infused with the flavors of Chinese five-spice."

Go Duck Yourself, the Cheungs say, is a concept they hope to bring to Southern California after they test it more in the Bay Area.

The Bernal Heights location is expected to open in mid-2022.

Photo: Paew A./Yelp