A freight train derailed Monday near the Port of Oakland in West Oakland, and while there were no injuries, there was the potential for a nasty chemical spill.

The derailment happened around noon on Monday, and the Oakland Fire Department reported from the scene at 12:30 p.m. saying that six cars had derailed, four of them tanker cars that had toppled off the tracks onto their sides. As KPIX reports, the tankers were all full of sulfuric acid, and HazMat teams were on the scene as a precaution — though no leaking liquid had been detected around the tracks.

This all happened on the tracks at 1400 Middle Harbor Rd., near the Port of Oakland.

The fire department tweeted at 2:09 p.m. "HazMat Teams from the train operator and #OFD are currently conducting reconnaissance to determine the extent of the damage to the derailed train cars and checking for any possible leaking material."

About 40 minutes later, they again confirmed that nothing appeared to be leaking.

Getting the tankers right-side-up again without springing any leaks seems like it could be its own challenge.