Haven't you felt it? A cold front is moving in over the Bay Area that has chilled things significantly over the past 36 hours, and its bringing with it overnight lows in the chilly lower 50s in San Francisco.

As this front moves in and collides with some precipitation moving toward the Sierra, some higher elevations could see the first snow of the season. As National Weather Service meteorologist Edan Weishahn tells the Chronicle, this is likeliest to happen above 8,000 feet — but, Weishahn says, "We could see snow at Echo Pass and at Donner Pass, but at the moment we’re not really forecasting much in the way of snow accumulation there."

Gone is the lovely warm weather of last weekend, and this weekend San Francisco is looking at a high of around 63 or 64 on Friday and Saturday. The Avenues and the beaches might only see highs in the 50s, however.

Even out in Livermore, where it's been sweltering all summer, the high on Friday is only 65.

Things warm up a bit with sun and a high of 68 in SF on Sunday, but nighttime lows could go as low as 50 or even lower into next week.

Anyone driving to Tahoe this weekend should be prepared for chilly temps and possibly slippery road conditions, as the Chronicle notes.

We may be in for a few pretty sunsets, though, with all these high clouds!