• Congress is expected to narrowly avert another shutdown today as the Senate works to pass a series of short-term spending bills. The bills, which will fund the government through early December, also provide aid to Afghan refugees and relief for natural disasters around the country. [New York Times]
  • Negotiations over the spending bills and Biden's infrastructure package were ongoing during the annual Congressional Baseball Game last night. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could be seen on the phone most of the night, and speaking to President Biden in the Democrats' dugout. [ABC News]
  • Alameda County sheriff's deputies seized more than 100,000 marijuana plants in a vast illegal growing operation this week, the "enormity and complexity" of which "cannot be expressed in words or pictures." They also seized $10 million in cash after serving multiple search warrants across the East Bay. [Chronicle]
  • Facebook’s head of global safety, Antigone Davis, will be testifying today before a Senate Commerce Committee panel regarding teen safety and a recent Wall Street Journal report about Instagram. [KTVU]
  • 29 giant sequoia trees have been listed as dead already in the Windy Fire in the southern Sierra, and experts fear species losses in line with last year, when 10% to 14% of the entire sequoia population was killed by fire. [Chronicle]
  • Napa County is opening its COVID booster shot clinic today. [ABC 7]
  • The San Jose City Council this week issued a formal apology to the Chinese community over decades of discrimination, and an 1887 move to dismantle the city's Chinatown that led directly to an act of arson that burned it to the ground. [New York Times]
  • Hawaii's Kilauea volcano is erupting again, but it does not look like a major eruption. [Associated Press]
  • The Giants won their 104th game of the season last night, a franchise record in San Francisco. [Chronicle]

Photo: Alameda County Sheriff's Office