For any fire evacuees from South Lake Tahoe who'd like to spend a few days in San Francisco to take their minds off the wildfire bearing down on their town, the Handlery Union Square Hotel is offering rates of $75 per night.

It's something that owner Jon Handlery did last year as tens of thousands of Sonoma and Napa County residents fled the lightning complex fires.

As Handlery tells ABC 7, he wants to do the same for Tahoe area residents who may have fled in this direction on Monday or Tuesday.

"It's really disheartening, and I thought, if I can do something and I thought if I could allow someone to possibly relax for a little bit then I've done my part," Handlery says.

He added, in a press release, "We wanted to support those being forced from their homes in this unprecedented fire season. We are a family-owned hotel and want to give families a place to rest while they figure out next steps."

The $75/night packages include 3 p.m. late checkouts, complimentary parking with in-and-out privileges, and 10% off coupons for Macy's, Red and White Fleet Bay Cruises, and Big Bus city tours.

The deal stays in effect until November 2, and proof of residency in the fire evacuation zone is required at check-in.

Photo courtesy of Handlery Union Square Hotel