Some physical retribution for a smash-and-grab auto burglar was caught on surveillance video in broad, crowded daylight along a San Francisco street, after the burglary victim grabbed the culprit and proceeded to give him a beating.

The incident happened on an unknown date on an unidentified street, and the video was posted to Twitter with a politicized caption by the account Asian Crime Report, apparently casting blame on both our current District Attorney Chesa Boudin and on former District Attorney George Gascon. "Property crimes can turn violent too so why won’t Democrats prosecute these crimes and criminals?" the account says, even though in this case the violence is being perpetrated by the victim and not the suspect.

As you can see, the victim's car is parked sort of wonky as if he had just pulled over briefly, and maybe there was another driver in the car. A car pulls up alongside, and a suspect gets out and appears to reach into the backseat of the stopped car to grab something. The victim is walking back to the car as this happens, sees the suspect, grabs him, and pulls him to the sidewalk where he proceeds to punch him repeatedly. The suspect gets free and runs back to the getaway vehicle, leaping through the window before it drives off.

Former Bay Area TV correspondent Stanley Roberts, he of "People Behaving Badly" fame, has been saying on Twitter that he's planning a return to the Bay Area after several years of exile in Arizona — and he retweeted the video as well, because obviously he'd be all over the smash-and-grab stuff if he had been here the last few years.

C'mon back, Stanley! We miss you!