The Brick Bar, billed as "the most talked about pop-up bar," is heading to an undisclosed location in San Francisco this October.

In yet another sign of everything going back to its pre-pandemic basic-ness, The Brick Bar will be bringing its off-brand Lego-constructed zaniness to San Francisco, for everyone's Instagramming and TikTok-ing pleasure.

The pop-up features DJs, areas where you can build your own stuff out of giant non-Legos, and a ping-pong table made out of 22,500 bricks. Some promo copy specifically says that all of this secondary because, "most importantly, [you get to take] amazing instagram photos to make your friends have serious FOMO."

Photo courtesy of Brick Bar

Much like the Instagram-trap museums of pre-pandemic times like the Color Factory and the Museum of Ice Cream, the Brick Bar will be a ticketed experience, and it may only exist in San Francisco for a day or two. At present, it's scheduled to be here only on October 16. It had been scheduled to tour through Austin, St. Louis, San Diego, and San Francisco last year, per this website, but obviously plans changed.

According to Instagram, The Brick Bar has already made stops in New York, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, and London.

And, yes, there was a ball pit, but people might not be that psyched about ball pits these days.

You can find $25 tickets here, which get you in for a 90-minute session, including one "themed" drink upon entry. The sessions start at 11 a.m., and go into the evening. But then this not-Lego playland disappears and moves on to another town, presumably — unless, probably, Saturday tickets sell fast and they add another day.