The Oakland Coliseum mass-vaccination site is winding down on May 23, and Alameda County is putting out a last call for anyone who received a first Pfizer dose and may have missed their second appointment.

Second Pfizer doses are recommended three weeks after the first, but can be received anytime up to about six weeks after without ill effects to immunity — or longer, though the data is not yet in on what happens if you wait longer than six weeks.

Vaccines are now widely available across the Bay Area, with everyone age 12 and up eligible to get the Pfizer vaccine, those age 16 and up eligible to receive the Moderna vaccine, and those age 18 and up eligible to receive the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The Coliseum site no longer comes up under the options on, but county officials want anyone looking for a Pfizer dose to take advantage of the site's appointment availability in the next five days. Look for appointments here, using the county's CarbonHealth portal — or alternately you can call 510-462-5139, or email [email protected].

Alameda County took over managing the Coliseum vaccination site over the last two weeks, following the pull-out of deployments from FEMA and the state's Office of Emergency Services. The site sunsets for good on Sunday.

Vaccination demand has dropped off significantly in recent weeks, with the focus now turning to vaccinating 12- to 15-year-olds, and reaching underserved and vaccine-hesitant communities closer to where they live.

In San Francisco, the Moscone Center vaccination site will close after May 28.

Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images