There was yet another attack on an elderly Asian person in San Francisco on Tuesday, and the alleged perpetrator is now in jail — but it's also another case of a repeat offender who was out on bail at the time of his latest crime.

The incident happened in Japantown on Tuesday around 11 a.m., near the intersection of Laguna and Ellis streets, and both a security officer from Armada Security who was guarding the nearby Chinese consulate and a bystander ended up intervening and flagging down police, leading to an arrest.

The suspect, whom the security guard described as seeming "disturbed," allegedly assaulted a 77-year-old Asian woman, pushing her to the ground from behind, and then stole her purse.

San Francisco Police Commander Raj Vaswani reported the incident on Twitter, and KPIX subsequently reported that the suspect was arrested nearby. He's been identified as 28-year-old Luis Jorrin, a parolee who was apparently also out on bail for a recent crime that was not named. He was arrested on suspicion of robbery, elder abuse, parole violation, and committing a crime while out on bail.

Evan, the Armada Security guard and was assigned to the Chinese Consulate, tells SFist that he observed the suspect banging a purse against the window of a car, and then was informed by the victim what had happened to her. He called police dispatch and he and another bystander followed the suspected, cornering him at the post office nearby.

"When asked to drop the purse he proceeded to empty out the victim’s belongings on the floor and threw the bag," Evan says. "An SFPD patrol car was coming down the street and I flagged them down and let them know the description of the man and the crime that was committed."

Jorrin was immediately arrested, and an ambulance that arrived on the scene tended to the victim.

"I personally feel like everyone should treat each other with respect regardless of their differences," Evan says. "On duty or off duty I always treat others with respect and will do whatever I can to the best of my abilities to help anyone who needs it."

Photo: Japantown CBD