The 49ers' award-winning educational program, 49ers EDU, has launched a new Virtual Lesson Series for K-8 students and teachers interested in STEAM that is entirely free of cost to each end-user.

49ers EDU, in partnership with Chevron, has initiated an online accessible learning platform aligning with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, with the hopes of sparking interest in STEAM (that's science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, a.k.a. STEM, plus arts), helping grow the next generation of STEAM professionals, as well as provide a huge break for teachers.

Since its inception, 49ers EDU would welcome 60,000 local Bay Area students to Levi’s Stadium each year for STEAM-focused field trips. With the pandemic forcing them to abandon their traditional programs, 49ers EDU has worked extremely hard to launch this Virtual Lesson Series to bring that 49ers field trip experience directly to everyone.

Image courtesy of the San Francisco 49ers.

As of right now, the Virtual Lesson series features three separate topics, including Art, Math, and Football, Career Connections, and Environmental Sustainability. All of the lessons are meant to be fun and taught through the lens of being a part of the 49ers, from exploring different jobs that are necessary to build a successful franchise, to how to build an environmentally sustainable stadium, and what that means for the planet.

49ers EDU completed the Virtual Lesson Series in early 2021 and began offering the lessons on an individual basis to teachers across California. This process allowed for 49ers EDU to receive genuine feedback directly from educators, giving their team the ability to tinker and perfect the content and platform before this virtual launch.

Not only have kids loved it, but the ready-to-go lesson plans help to ease the burden on teachers who have been under immense stress and relatively overworked during the pandemic. 49ers EDU saw this as an opportunity to connect with their community further, especially our teachers, and hopes these lessons provide for easy, exciting learning for their students.

“Educators of all levels can agree that one of the biggest joys of teaching is seeing the eyes of enthusiastic young students in person. Our 49ers EDU team has truly missed hosting field trips to our stadium this past year, but we are thrilled to now bring the Levi’s Stadium experience to classrooms and homes everywhere,” said Jesse Lovejoy, Director of 49ers EDU and 49ers Museum. “We realize that virtual learning has been difficult for students and educators alike, so we hope that this Virtual Lesson Series will serve as a fun, unique, and simple way to learn about STEAM through the lens of football.”

This Virtual Lesson Series is completely free of cost to the end-user, and has been used 41 times in 26 schools across nine countries while being tested. Take a break from the monotony of your current school routine and mix it up with something fun and new here.

Top image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images