Of the four eggs laid by mom Val this season, all four have now hatched and appear to be lively little white puffballs. And the dad, Canyon, hasn't killed any of them yet!

Active feeding of the four baby peregrine falcons is happening, and has been captured several times by an avid watcher of the live camera feed and posted to YouTube. In the video below shot on Sunday, Val returns to the nest with a lot of prey to share — looks like a pigeon? — and the four hatchlings huddle up with beaks open to get their share. The tiniest of the four, which hatched between Friday and Saturday, is the last to get fed, but the little guy (or gal) gets some toward the latter part of the feeding.

The video begins with Canyon sitting on the birds, and Val comes in with the food at the 2:40 mark.

Dad shares nesting duties while mom is out hunting, keeping the chicks warm, as seen below in a clip from Monday morning.

And as you can see from this clip from Friday, before the fourth chick hatched, the baby birds have already grown in just three days' time.

Exciting stuff!

As noted previously, Val hasn't successfully brought any offspring in the world since 2019, when Val had three hatchlings with previous mate Dan, two of which survived to maturity. Last year we had the mishap with Canyon "seeing prey" and killing the only hatchling out of two clutches of eggs laid by Val to hatch.

Over on the UC Berkeley falcon cam, we are still waiting on the first of the eggs to hatch.

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