The GameStop “meme stocks” sensation has blown over, but the fellow whose “Suck My Nuts Robinhood” banner provided an amusing epilogue to the tale explains the details of the stunt.

Let us first be clear that there are no “good guys” in the GameStop stonks saga of late January, billed breathlessly at the time as a revolution of Redditors “beating Wall Street at its own game.” A month later, absolutely nothing has changed about the institutional investment sector. Some hedge funds actually made a killing off the whole affair, while most r/WallStreetBets Redditors lost their shirts on the bandwagon-jumping phenomenon. The episode did create a bad PR moment for the day-trading app Robinhood, who restricted trading of GameStop amidst the frenzy, angering legions of white male Elon Musk devotees, some of whom gathered to throw animal poop at Robinhood’s Menlo Park headquarters.    

A more clever protest was lodged by a young founder-bro type named Kaspar Povilanskas, who gained 15 minutes of fame for flying an airplane banner reading “Suck My Nuts Robinhood” over SF and Robinhood HQ. He tells the story of his brief viral fame in the just-released Youtube video below, which you will probably not want to sit through, because it is the equivalent of a 10-minute Clubhouse circle jerk between two born-at-third-base walking, talking tech industry stereotypes.

But we watched it so you don’t have to, and there are a couple interesting anecdotes.

“We tweeted it out on Thursday, the plane flew on Friday, and then it went viral on Saturday,” Povilanskas says of his plane-flying stunt. “It went viral on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, but’s funny — my two pieces of content were going viral at the same time. A screenshot of my tweet saying that I was going to do it ‘tomorrow’ with no date, and then there was another screenshot, a picture of the banner, going viral.”

“So it’s funny,” he continues. “On Saturday and Sunday, because some people only saw my screenshot saying ‘Today at three o'clock’ or whatever, there was groups of people lined up that were, like, livestreaming the air in San Francisco thinking that the plane’s going to happen today. They thought it was going to happen ‘today’ on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.”

He adds that “Dude, yesterday somehow BBC News was at our office filming a little mini-documentary, and I’m sitting here, I’m like ‘What the hell dude. I flew a banner that said 'Suck My Nuts Robinhood,’ and all this is coming out of it.”

Povilanskas begged for a retweet from incel icons Barstool Sports and Elon Musk (and they did get the Barstool retweet).

The whole stunt was obviously an advertisement for his company Nowadays Media, who describe themselves as having “a follower network nearly one-billion strong.” This claim stands at odds with their Twitter account having, in reality, a mere 2,164 followers.

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Image: @KasparCMS via Twitter