The former North American Boxing Organization junior welterweight champion is now boxing up eighths, prerolls, and your favorite cannabis goodies at Potrero Hill’s first dispensary.


There are currently no cannabis dispensaries in Potrero Hill. Potrero pot smokers do have the option of hiking down to Dogpatch where there are a couple on Third Street, but well, these are not the most high-end dispensaries. But a new marijuana dispensary opens Saturday morning in Potrero Hill at Mississippi and Mariposa Streets, whose CEO and co-owner describes the place to SF Weekly as “almost like walking into a Gucci store.”

Image: Authentic 415

That is, a Gucci store with a professional boxing motif. Authentic 415 opens at 165 Mississippi Street at 10 a.m. Saturday morning, and its unconventional store displays featuring boxing championship belts, boxing gloves, and robes and shorts are those of the aforementioned CEO and co-owner Karim Mayfield. A Fillmore native, Mayfield held the North American Boxing Organization junior welterweight title from 2011 to 2014, currently runs a boxing program for youth called Soulchamp, and you can get a little visual story of how his biography is reflected in the dispensary’s mural in the video below.

“The store is called Authentic 415 because I’m authentically 415, and being authentic means  giving back to the city and the people who raised me,” Mayfield said in a release. “I’ll use my new position as CEO of a cannabis business to help people be safer by giving them a trusted place to purchase a product that’s finally being recognized for its benefits.”

“On a more personal level, I’ll also serve my community by continuing the fight for social and racial justice in memory of my brother,” he added.

Mayfield refers to his brother Shaleem Tindle, shot by BART Police in a 2018 incident. Mayfield himself arrested in 1998 on marijuana charges as a teenager, hence qualifying him for the SF Office of Cannabis equity program intended to create opportunities for those directly affect by the War on Drugs. Mayfield’s Authentic 415 is now the 10th dispensary in town approved under the program, and the Office of Cannabis indicated to SFist that an 11th equity dispensary permit could be approved next week.

Authentic 415 will operate under the umbrella of a set of dispensaries run by Shryne Group, who are affiliated with about a dozen dispensaries statewide and have a bunch more permits pending. They also run the Stiiizy dispensaries on Mission Street (formerly La Corona Wellness) and the new Stiiiizy in Union Square that drew huge lines to the otherwise moribund shopping district when it opened in October. We’ll find out tomorrow whether their newest Potrero Hill dispensary can do the same thing.

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Image: Authentic 415