Oakland police have arrested two men in connection with a January 11 murder of 58-year-old man in West Oakland, and both men were arrested outside the county, in Tracy.

Police say that 30-year-old Terrance Jones fatally shot 58-year-old Lai Dang around 3 p.m. on the 11th under some strange circumstances that make it sound like the men were strangers to each other.

According to a probably cause statement based on surveillance footage, via the Mercury News, Jones along with 67-year-old Arthur Jones, stopped to urinate beside a construction site on the 2400 block of Market Street in Oakland. The pair allegedly saw Dang from a distance, and Terrance Jones went to the Toyota Camry they were driving in and fetched a weapon and then shot Dang in addition to another person on the scene who was wounded. Terrance Jones allegedly chased Dang down on foot and fatally shot him, and then Arthur Jones drove the vehicle away from the murder scene.

Both men were arrested in Tracy on January 15, and they are being held at Santa Rita Jail.

Photo: Getty Images