The 20-year-old dirtbiker who was killed in a collision on the Bay Bridge on Sunday while trying to evade CHP officers has been identified as Christopher Lee of Beaumont, Texas.

Lee is said to have crashed his bike near the Treasure Island ramp, and the biker who picked him up on the bridge after the accident, and who subsequently crashed on the other side of the tunnel and ejected Lee — leading to his death — has not been arrested on suspicion of murder.

As KPIX reports, 20-year-old Humza Zahoor of Stockton was arrested and booked into San Francisco County Jail, and could face murder or manslaughter charges.

Lee and Zahoor were allegedly part of a group of around 15 bikers — a splinter faction of a group of hundreds that was marauding across Oakland and San Francisco for hours on Sunday afternoon — who tried to evade arrest by California Highway Patrol by turning around in the eastbound lanes of the Bay Bridge and heading west back to SF. According to the CHP, the group existed at the Sterling Street and Fourth Street off-ramps, rolled through downtown SF, and then re-entered the upper (westbound) deck heading east at Fremont Street.

After Lee crashed his bike, Zahoor allegedly picked him up as a passenger, and headed through the Yerba Buena tunnel. On the other side, where the two decks of the bridge become parallel, Zahoor allegedly attempted to jump over a concrete barrier into the eastbound lanes. At this point, Lee was ejected into traffic, and was struck by a pickup truck and killed instantly.

The crash and subsequent investigation led to two eastbound lanes being closed for hours, and traffic on the bridge backed up well into Sunday night.

According to videos on social media, groups of bikers on dirtbikes, ATVs, and other vehicles began parading around downtown Oakland around noon on Sunday. It's unclear how many bikers were ultimately a part of what's been characterized as sideshow activity, but by 5 p.m., some of them were in San Francisco and attempting to return to the East Bay.

The video below shows one group heading westward across the bridge around 3 p.m., popping wheelies.

Officer Mark Andrews told the Chronicle that "several hundred" bikers were involved in all.