Crime was expected to go down with shelter-in-place orders back at the beginning of the pandemic, and for a short time, it did. But in San Francisco, the nature of the crimes being committed most often may have shifted, but there's still plenty of bad stuff going on all over town.

A new report from the SFPD comparing crime stats from November 2019 to November 2020 shows a staggering 42% jump in burglaries citywide — and this includes the well documented trend in garage break-ins — and 34% uptick in car thefts. Police say that they believe the same small group of thieves is responsible for the majority of burglaries around town.

As KRON4 reports, there was also a 39% year-over-year jump in arsons over the course of last month in SF.

A similar jump in homicides is being attributed to a rise in gang violence that's been seen in Oakland and elsewhere.

Crimes that have been less common this year including muggings and larcenies, the SFPD says — and car break-ins are down, though why would a thief break into a car if they can just steal the whole thing? Car break-ins are down 42% overall.

There's also been a nearly 50% drop in sexual assaults, and overall assaults were down 16%.

Police at Tenderloin Station tell KRON4 that they're arresting a lot of repeat offenders who are being immediately freed after their arrests due to COVID concerns at the county jail. For instance, they cite a male suspect they arrested this week on suspicion of carjacking and attempted kidnapping of a female victim — and he is a violent felon who has been arrested 10 times in the last three years alone.

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Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images