Dance til 4 a.m. again to the likes of Mark Farina, Jazz Mafia, and a menagerie of musicians this weekend as Revive the Night unites a dozen local nightclubs for a weekend-long online rager.

A number of our favorite music festivals forced to be held as online-only affairs this year have actually been very good shows worth tuning in for, like Inside Lands and the virtual Hardly Strictly Bluegrass that were far more memorable than another night of hitting the Netflix pretty hard. And they’ve all managed to raise at least a little money for hurting venues and musicians. The venues you sorely miss — The Stud, 1015 Folsom, Public Works, the Great Northern and more— have banded together to make this another festival weekend, as SF Weekly describes the weekend-long Revive the Night music festival fundraiser that runs through Sunday night.

The Revive the Night livestream is already underway and spinning, and the Instagram post above carries the full lineups for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (though you have to click through, the first post is for the already concluded Thursday night pre-party). The way it works is that each of the 11 venues involved gets a 2-4 hour set, featuring DJs, live performers, comedy, drag shows, the whole nine, with Friday and Saturday’s after hours sets that go until 4 a.m. Sunday's set wraps up at Midnight. Per SFGate, the other nightclubs involved are Audio, F8, Gray Area, Halcyon, Monarch Vinyl Dreams, and Underground SF.  

Event co-organizer Bailey Greenwood penned a post at Broke-Ass Stuart  explaining how badly these clubs need support right now. “Independently owned venues function as the backbone of the music industry giving artists, performers, and promoters a chance when no one else will,” Greenwood says. “This project is a labor of love for our team. It’s a reminder of San Francisco’s determination to unify and support each other when faced with adversity. For many of us, a sense of normalcy has returned from planning and organizing the event.”

The Stud co-owner Marke Bieschke notes at 48 Hills that “the industry has been ravaged, left without even 1/10th of the attention that restaurants, gyms, and retail have received from the government.” (The Stud’s set is Saturday from 3-6 p.m.) While the city of San Francisco has offered nightclubs some tiny band-aids like tax waivers and the outdoor performance JAM permits, these are nowhere near adequate to ensure independent clubs’ survival, hence these virtual events and passings of the hat.

SFGate notes the event hopes to raise $50,000 via donations and merchandise sales, and that this will likely not be the last of these online weekend festivals as we wait for the day we can go see live events again. And speaking of when we can see live music again, this weekend's event will also feature a raffle with a grand prize tickets to Outside Lands, whenever that can happen again.

Revive the Night: 12 p.m.-4 a.m. Friday and Saturday, Dec. 4-5; 12 p.m.-Midnight Sunday, Dec. 6. Free, Watch Online Here

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Image: Revive the Night SF via Facebook