Illuminate SF, the organization that brought us The Bay Lights on the Bay Bridge, has a "Festival of Light" this holiday season that spans many corners of the city — and it's the perfect excuse for a pandemic-friendly urban hike after dark.

The "festival" isn't entirely Illuminate SF's doing, but they are highlighting the array of electrified light installations by artists all over town, some commissioned by building developers, and some just temporary. These include "Point Cloud," a 2019 piece consisting of LED-spiked rods suspended along the ceiling of the 100-foot pedestrian bridge at the Moscone Center, by the same artist responsible for The Bay Lights, Leo Villarreal; and "Love Over Rules," a three-year-old installation of those three words in large neon letters on a building face along Mission Street near Yerba Buena Gardens.

Leo Villarreal's "Point Cloud". Image via Illuminate SF/Youtube
Hank Willis Thomas's "Love Over Rules". Image via Illuminate SF/Youtube

As 7x7 notes, this is the eighth year that Illuminate SF has promoted a holiday season Festival of Light, but the array of art pieces has grown with several significant works just in the last year. These include "The Ladder (Sun or Moon)" by Ivan Navarro, which rises up the facade of a new apartment complex at 50 Jones Street; and Olafur Eliasson's largest public artwork in the U.S., "Seeing Spheres," the large mirrored chrome spheres outside the Chase Center.

Ivan Navarro's "The Ladder (Sun or Moon)". Image via Illuminate SF/Youtube

See more about the happenings on Illuminate SF's website, and in the video below, or use this handy map to create a tour of your own.