Thursday night was chosen as the occasion for the now annual skater community ritual of the Dolores Hill Bomb, in which daredevil skateboarders bomb their way down the hill on Dolores Street between 21st Street and 18th Street — sometimes ending in injury.

There appear to have been a few injuries this year, and Mission Local was on the scene to record at least one significant wipeout.

The crowd appeared to be mostly masked (maybe half-masked?), and, per usual, pretty young, and the skaters are all helmet-less.

Here's another nasty fall after which the fallen skater appears unresponsive.

And here's another, after which the fallen kid posted a message on social media this morning after getting out surgery saying, "Got a fractured elbow and a lil brain bleed I'm all good."

The chosen night of the hill bomb changes year to year, but it's usually a Thursday in mid-July. And perhaps the SFPD chose initially to stay away this year, just days after a settlement was reached with an injured skater stemming from an ugly confrontation between skaters and cops during the 2017 event.

Still, something seems to go down at the Dolores Hill Bomb every year — last year it was a seriously injured skater, 22-year-old Tomoko Oikawa, who suffered a skull fracture, and there haven't been any public updates about her recovery process since last July. [Update: Oikawa gave an interview to Artforum in February explaining that she had a fairly miraculous recovery from a traumatic brain injury and woke up from her coma in two weeks, and is now re-learning how to skate.]

And this year, the crowd got angry and rowdy when a white SUV/station wagon mistakenly drove onto Dolores Street past some makeshift blockades. As the video below shows, the crowd swarmed the car and smashed at least one of its windows before it was able to escape.

According to one person on Twitter, the SFPD made at least one arrest last night, though it's unclear for what.

Below, a few more views.