Some key details are a little unclear, but a Belmont man was arrested Friday night in what police are saying was an argument over an itinerary change that led to a violent exchange between an Uber passenger and a driver.

Palo Alto police say that the situation unfolded Friday after the driver picked up the male passenger in San Francisco, ostensibly for a trip to San Jose. As KPIX reports, the passenger then asked to change the itinerary to go to Redwood City instead.

It's unclear what the driver was up to, exactly, but he apparently pulled off the freeway in Palo Alto, telling the passenger that he had to pick up another passenger — even though this would be against Uber's current policy, and UberPool was suspended back in March over coronavirus concerns, or maybe he was just trying to get this guy out of his car. The driver stopped on the 3900 block of Fabian Way in Palo Alto, at which point the suspect/passenger allegedly began hitting the driver.

Both men then exited the car, and the suspect — identified by police as 33-year-old George August Bjurberg — then allegedly tried to steal the car. The driver somehow subdued the suspect or talked him out of it, and agreed to take him to Redwood City. Once back in the car, the driver called 911 — at which point the suspect apparently exited the car, smashed and damaged a side mirror, and fled the scene on foot.

Palo Alto police located the suspect a short time later, and he was booked into the Santa Clara County main jail on suspicion of felony carjacking, battery and vandalism.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call the Palo Alto Police Department at (650) 383-8984.