What better way is there to seek out some entertainment during this pandemic than at a drive-in movie theater, safely distant from other cars, eating and drinking whatever you packed — and most importantly, doing something outside your house!

Yes, in case you weren't aware, there are a couple of drive-ins still in existence around the Bay, and on Tuesday they got to reopen. And they're part of a nationwide trend in re-embracing the drive-in, because no matter how great your home entertainment system is, there comes a time when you need to get the fuck out of the house somehow.

As KQED reports, the West Wind Drive-In company operates two drive-in theaters in the Bay Area — one in San Jose and one in Concord — and there's a third in Sacramento as well, all of which just reopened with full schedules of double features. Concession stands remain closed, but the restrooms are open — and you can only leave your car to use a restroom, with a mask on.

Also, cars have to park 10 feet apart.

But how fun and old timey! (The Sacramento location, according to Facebook, already reopened with these rules in late March.)

The Solano Drive-In location on Solano Avenue in Concord has two screens, so on one there's a more adult-oriented double feature today — The Hunt at 8:30 p.m. followed by The Invisible Man at 10:25 — and on the other there's a kid-friendly double line-up, assuming the kids can stay awake this long — Trolls World Tour at 8:30 p.m. and Onward at 10:25 p.m.

Also this weekend, there's a horror movie premiere with 1 a.m. showtimes: The Wretched. ("Following his parents' separation, a rebellious teenage boy, Ben, is sent to live with his father for the summer and work at the local marina in order to gain some form of discipline. The idyllic tourist town offers little solace for him, however, as he is forced to deal with the local, privileged teens and his father's new girlfriend. Ben's problems grow increasingly disturbing when he makes a chilling discovery about the family renting the house next door.")

At the San Jose location there are six screens with six double features going on, including all of the above movies as well as Hobbs & Shaw and Good Boys.

Admission is $8.25 per person, and $1.75 per child aged 5 to 11.