A protest is being organized in San Francisco for Friday to demand the reopening of all of California, bringing the wave of "liberate" protests seen around the country into the heart of the city.

Local leadership coach Clint Griess, who is also managing the campaign for Nancy Pelosi's longshot Republican challenger John Dennis, is apparently an organizer of this protest set to begin at noon on Friday — but a brief press release notes "This is NOT an SFGOP endorsed event."

Protesters are being told on this website to bring signs that say things like "ALL JOBS ARE ESSENTIAL" and "I have the right to work" and "Practice Media Distancing." And the hope is to have enough critical mass to cause "gridlock" around City Hall, which... good luck.

" We want to be taken seriously," the etiquette instructions read. "We will be judged by our attitudes, sign presentation and dress."  

And, in keeping with the Trump-ian protests in Michigan and elsewhere in recent weeks, the visual theme is supposed to be American flags. "We will be wearing RED, WHITE & BLUE colored shirts at the march. That way we know each other and stand united."

Interestingly, protesters are being told to acknowledge CDC guidelines and practice social distancing at the protest. "Social distancing from non-family members means you need to stand 6’ apart.  2 arm lengths away from each other," the instructions read. "We are leaving wearing masks or cloth face coverings up to your discretion."

The talking points given are about the "right to work," but also the right to religious gatherings — again, is this really going down in San Francisco?

"People have been stripped of their rights to freedom of religion," the protesters are being told to say. "They have no right to shut us down from our churches."

It remains to be seen how big a turnout there will be for this. A similar protest happened in Sacramento over a week ago, drawing "hundreds," per the Sacramento Bee.

Apparently it's a conservative value now to disbelieve health officers and engage in magical thinking about you reopen an economy and avoid a second wave of COVID-19 infections. And perhaps, with the death rate having remained low in California, too many people in the state have been convinced that the virus is not the threat some say it is.

Regardless, polling shows that a vast majority of Americans — 80 percent — believe that the country has done the right thing by sheltering at home, and that strict orders are necessary.

This same group organizing SF's protest, with the website WeHaveRights.com, is trying to gather protests on May 1 in Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, Huntington Beach, and Ventura.

Hey, maybe Elon Musk will show up! He's in this camp!