Sunday's high winds knocked loose tree branches, blew down power lines, and shattered a skyscraper window in San Francisco. Tens of thousands were without power in the East Bay and South Bay, and 30 people had to be evacuated from one neighborhood in Castro Valley due to collapsing tree and live wires.

Oakland fire officials reported over 100 calls about downed power lines on Sunday, and the Chronicle reports that some 80,000 PG&E customers were without power at one point in the day — though that was down to 30,000 as of 9 p.m.

The Alameda County Fire Department told ABC 7 that it had received over 300 calls related to the wind storm, and in certain parts of the East Bay, especially at higher elevations, the effects of the wind were dramatic.

There was a cascade of events along Heyer Avenue in Castro Valley that led to 12 homes having to be evacuated. As ABC 7 reports, it began with just a couple of eucalyptus trees falling — one fell onto a car and briefly trapped the driver inside — but then a fallen tree broke a water main, which in turn saturated the soil and compromised the roots of more trees.

A total of 15 trees fell along Heyer Avenue, downing at least nine power lines along with them, leading to a small emergency situation. Thankfully no one was injured.

Elsewhere around the Bay, a pair of kite-surfers had to be rescued near the Golden Gate after a distress call related to the wind — they were safely rescued at Marshall Beach, per the San Francisco Fire Department. And there were reports of crushed cars and trees blocking roadways all over the Bay.

Up in the Sierra, extremely high winds were recorded at a couple of Tahoe ski areas. Ward Peak at Alpine Meadows recorded a gust of 125 mph, per the Chronicle. But a widespread report of a 209 mph gust at Kirkwood Mountain may have been the result of equipment error. As the Chronicle reports, forecasters reported "multiple errors" at the weather station there after that super-high gust was recorded.