Brace yourself for longer headway times between BART trains on Sundays, certain rail car services ending at Concord instead of Pleasant Hill, and a host of other noteworthy adjustments the rapid transit agency will kick off Monday morning.

Being the carousel of unpredictability that BART has become, the Bay City News Group, via the SF Examiner, reported yesterday that the rapid transit agency is slated to instate slew of updates tomorrow. Among them are some good (two-line services again coming to San Francisco on Sundays), some bad (delayed headway times on Sundays), and some nominal (morning service to San Francisco from Warm Springs beginning a touch earlier).

Below is a snippet of the more important changes starting Monday, by BART:


The first trip from Richmond to Warm Springs (Orange Line) will leave Richmond at 5:04 am—17 minutes earlier than before.
The 5:00 am north-bound train from South Hayward is now a Warm Springs/Richmond (Orange Line) train to Richmond instead of a Warm Springs/Daly City (Green Line) train to Daly City.
Service to San Francisco from Warm Springs will be earlier with the first Warm Springs/Daly City (Green Line) train departing at 5:01 am instead of 5:15 am.
We are extending evening direct service on the Warm Springs/Daly City (Green Line) from Daly City to Warm Springs with an added train departing at 7:12 pm.
We have eliminated the morning peak 9:12 am Antioch/SFO (Yellow Line) departure from MacArthur to Daly City to enable the Concord turnback trains to serve more riders.


The first northbound Warm Springs/Richmond (Orange Line) train starts in service at Bay Fair at 5:52 am instead of Coliseum at 6:00 am.
The first westbound Dublin/Pleasanton to Daly City (Blue Line) train starts in service at Bay Fair at 5:58 am instead of Coliseum at 6:06 am.


Two-line service into San Francisco, via The Dublin/Pleasanton (Blue Line) will serve San Francisco, and Blue line trains will terminate at Montgomery or Daly City depending on the time of day and if there is single tracking.
Warm Springs/Daly City (Green Line) and Richmond/Millbrae (Red Line) trips were eliminated to make way for the return of Dublin/Pleasanton (Blue Line), service to San Francisco.
Headways on Sundays will be every 24 minutes on all lines, four minutes longer than the current Sunday service plan.
Trips to Millbrae will no longer require a transfer at SFO on Sundays.

Mondays also marks the commencement of more Fleet of the Future (FOTF ) trains hitting the rails on Saturdays. The Yellow, Blue, and Red Lines will enjoy two each; the Green Line is expected to see four along its railway. These newer vehicles will have fewer seats than the ones they're replacing, though they'll boast “more [standing room for] passengers," as stated by BART, while also being safer and more energy-efficient.

According to BART these changes “will provide greater predictability and resilience in the event of a service delay.” For a full list of changes starting tomorrow, visit; schedule updates have already been applied to the agency's Trip Planner and official app.

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