A Livermore company that specializes in creating large-scale murals in grass has just unveiled a new mural in honor of late basketball great Kobe Bryant in a Pleasanton park.

"We love Kobe Bryant," says Kelli Pearson, who owns New Ground Technology with husband Pete Davis. She tells Patch that the 115-foot-by-92-foot mural was done with their "TurfPrinter," which blows and bends blades of grass to create these murals without harming the grass itself. Each "pixel" of the design is the equivalent of about three square inches of grass, she explains.

"It's been building all week," Pearson tells ABC 7 regarding the grief that she and her husband felt about the death of Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna. "Last night we were watching all the late-night shows, watching all the MC's getting choked up," she says.

"I think it hit her more than it hit me," says Davis, speaking to ABC 7. "She woke up knowing we had to do something. We wanted to do something local."

The mural is located in an undisclosed location in Pleasanton — the couple is trying to prevent too much foot traffic — and they say the design should last on the grass for about two days. In a photo, Davis can be seen standing on the mural and casting a shadow, in order to show the scale.