In a move bound to ruffle some feathers — one coming after Boudin ended cash bails in San Francisco on Wednesday — the newly elected DA has chosen to hold off on the charges against a 24-year-old man accused of attacking an SF police officer in December.

As reported by ABC7, the San Francisco District Attorneys (SFDA) office decided to "withdraw the complaint" against a man involved in an attack on an SF police officer during the holiday season in the Mission District, though the office stresses that they're not altogether dismissing the case.

"We decided to remove this case from the calendar at this time so that we may have a chance to evaluate all the facts," Communications Manager Paula Lehman-Ewing for the SFDA's Office said in a statement published by the news outlet.

Twentysomething Jamaica Hampton was stopped by two on-duty police officers — Sterling Hayes and Christoper Flores — in front of a corner store at 23rd and Mission streets around 8 a.m. December 7th. Evading the police, Hampton ran through the intersection of those aforementioned streets before allegedly hitting Flores in the face with a broken glass vodka bottle. After the incident, Flores fired at Hampton. Since then, a town hall was held regarding the actions taken by the first-year rookie — and Hampton's left leg has been amputated out of medical necessity.

"The health of any criminal case depends on internal clarity around the charges being filed, which becomes more complicated when you are dealing with an instance where there is potentially competing criminal liability," the statement continues before reiterating that the case and any underlying charges have not yet been erased.

Boudin himself spoke to ABC7 yesterday on why he's holding off on charging Hampton, defending his decision.

"The decision we made was one that frankly is in the best interest of the officers because they're both being investigated right now by our internal investigation bureau into their use of firearms in the incident," Boudin waxes. "It would be improper and unfair to put them on the witness stand to testify against Mr. Hampton while they're being investigated for their use of force, [so] until both investigations can be completed, we're going to withhold making a final decision about who to charge with what."

Hampton is still in critical condition, and, per the SF Examiner, Boudin has said his office is developing a policy to quote “avoid the conflicts that cases like this involving multiple potential suspects and case theories present.”

The San Francisco District Attorney Office is currently leading all SFPD police shootings.

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