Inspired by the New York City MTA using Queens native Awkwafina's voice on some train announcements, newly installed SFMTA director Jeffrey Tumlin is reaching out to SF native Ali Wong to do the same for Muni buses.

"Dear @aliwong, We at @sfmta_muni are your biggest fans. Would you consider stopping by our office to record a Muni bus announcement or two?" Tumlin writes.

Tumlin was responding to a suggestion from constituent Ethan Mizzi, and we now have to wait and see if Wong responds.

Wong grew up in Pacific Heights, cut her teeth doing standup at SoMa's Brainwash Cafe, and was just in town over the holidays visiting family and doing shows at The Masonic.

Awkwafina, who gained critical acclaim and a Golden Globe this year for her performance in The Farewell, recently recorded some comical special messages for the 7 train in New York, which travels between Queens and Manhattan.

"This is, Hudson Yards-34th Street. Hope you like weird architecture!" she says in one announcement, per NBC New York. In another, she tells all the "fellas" to "stop manspreading." And in another that she likely wrote, she says, "This is 69th St., which is definitely, definitely not funny in any way."

As the New York Daily News reports, the messages are only playing on the trains for a week, as part of a promotion for Awkwafina's new semi-autobiographical sitcom on Comedy Central, Nora From Queens.

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