• This has happened in the Bay Area before but it's always amusing/disturbing: Thousands of marine worms, or fat innkeeper worms, also called "penis fish," have recently washed up around Point Reyes. There's no real explanation for the phenomenon, but it often happens in rough weather. [CBS SF / VICE]
  • Employees at local e-scooter company Spin have voted to unionize. The move may ripple across the industry. [SF Business Times]
  • Married Berkeley authors Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman apparently are working on a television show about the Ghost Ship fire. Naturally some people are upset about this. [KQED]
  • The Brentwood woman charged in the Prius attack on a barber in Antioch is going to be arraigned in Contra Costa County on Friday. [CBS SF]
  • Fillmore District community advocate Daniel Landry says he plans to run for District 5 supervisor next year. [Examiner]
  • BART was having delays today for the second day in a row. [CBS SF]
  • Republicans did a good job today of further polarizing things in the Judiciary Committee, pitting "coastal Democrats" against "us" regarding impeachment. [Chronicle]
  • Is everyone turning into a cyborg because: Instagram? [The New Yorker]

Photo: Kate Montana/Creative Commons