It's been a few years since Hollywood was fascinated with hackers and the world of computer-based crime, protest, and hacktivism. But a couple of local filmmakers have just delivered a short film that takes the late-90s/early aughts genre and parodies with Amazon and contemporary SF tech culture as the objects of its dry humor.

It's called "Hacked," and it just went online Monday — it only has 88 views on YouTube as of this writing. It's the work of Grey Keith and Logan Shillinglaw IV, who co-wrote, co-directed, and co-star in the 16-minute film. Keith plays benevolent hacker dick_jacker_69 and Shillinglaw plays Jeff Beezerberg (can you guess which real-life CEO's he's a mashup spoof of?), and essentially it's a little-guy-triumphs-against-corporate-evil story involving a hacker saving his grandmother's house.

The graphics and visual effects are comically chintzy and the humor mostly juvenile, but there's something stupidly endearing about it nonetheless. A for effort! This is like what some Silicon Valley characters might have made in their spare time before they got rich. And the nods to the era of Hackers, Sneakers, and Fight Club — or the even older War Games — have to be intentional.

Also — SPOILER — they blow up Salesforce Tower, which might give some San Franciscans a touch of quite, guilty satisfaction since it's depicted so cartoonishly and we're not meant to believe anyone died. Except for Beezerberg.