A new Netflix limited series called Clickbait is currently being shot in Melbourne, Australia, but the story is set in Oakland and centers on a missing persons case that's impacted by social media.

Clickbait, which doesn't appear to be based on any true story, was created by Tony Ayres (The Slap) and Christian White, and it's an eight-episode series starring Zoe Kazan (The Deuce, The Big Sick), Betty Gabriel (Get Out, Westworld), Adrian Grenier (Entoruage), and Australian actor Phoenix Raei. As the Hollywood Reporter tells us, it centers in part on Pia Brewer (Kazan), a young woman from Oakland who is "desperate for answers as she searches for her missing brother in a case that becomes a media sensation."

Gabriel plays "an Oakland woman struggling to keep her family together as they become the subject of the biggest story in the nation," and Grenier plays Nick Brewer, a dad who also gets swept up in the case. Raei plays an Oakland detective who is trying to find Kazan's missing brother.

The series is the first Netflix original to be produced in the Australian state of Victoria, and as the Hollywood Reporter explains, it won funding from both the state and federal governments there.

As with other Bay Area-set Netflix movies and series, the crew is likely to come here to do some exterior shooting, though that is unclear.

Ayres is serving as showrunner, and Clickbait is being exec produced by Heyday Television's David Heyman (the Harry Potter franchise, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) and Tom Winchester.

No release date on Netflix has yet been announced.