• As it continues to navigate a PR crisis, Airbnb announced Thursday that it is paying for funeral expenses for the Orinda shooting victims, and counseling for the injured and traumatized. The move came after a lawyer for one of the victims families said Airbnb had been silent when they were asked to help pay for the funeral. [Chronicle]
  • The NRA has dropped its lawsuit against the City of San Francisco over that "domestic terrorist organization" label. In its motion to dismiss, the city contended that the Board of Supervisors' resolution on the matter was non-binding, and had no financial implications for supporters of the NRA. [Chronicle]
  • After solving their battery-fire problem, Lyft's e-bikes are returning to city streets in December. And when they return, the fleet is quadrupling from 1,000 to 4,000 by April. [Examiner]
  • As of 4 p.m., Suzy Loftus still holds an 879-vote lead over competitor Chesa Boudin in the DA race. [KRON 4]
  • Juul has halted sales of its most popular flavor of vape pods, mint. [SF Business Times]
  • Two Mexican nationals charged in the killing of an El Dorado County Sheriff's deputy at an illegal pot farm last month were in the country illegally. [Associated Press]
  • A Bakersfield couple charged with the killing of an infant now faces charges of trying to sell one of their other children. [KRON 4]
  • BART just added a new fare gate at the platform level at Montgomery Station outside the elevator, both to aid wheelchair-bound passengers and cut down on fare evasion. [CBS SF]
  • And there's more about the BART pony! The pony's trainer talks about bringing her to restaurants and movie theaters to train to be a service animal. [CBS SF]

Photo: Sasha.Stories/Unsplash