Warriors guard Stephen Curry just got an injury Wednesday night that may take him out of commission for an extended period, adding to Golden State's major handicaps this season.

In the third quarter of Wednesday's game at the Chase Center against the Phoenix Suns, Curry leapt for a layup and was knocked off his feet, landing head first with hands outstretched to soften his fall, only to have 6-foot-10-inch, 260-pound Suns player Aron Baynes land on top of him. In the painful footage you can see below, you can see Curry's face wince in pain, and he was then led off the court to the locker room.

The Warriors confirmed via tweet that Curry's left hand was broken, following an x-ray.

The Suns went on to win the game, 121 to 110.

As the East Bay Times reports, Curry was helped up by fellow player Draymond Green, and stood hunched over for several seconds before leaving the court.

The injury is a blow to an already hobbled team which lost Klay Thompson to an ACL injury in last season's Finals, and lost Kevin Durant to Brooklyn. Green tried to sound optimistic Wednesday night, saying, "It's unfortunate one of our guys going down. Our leader. Hopefully he doesn't need surgery and he's back sooner rather than later. We will see... It's hard to make things get harder... Wish we could get one practice with our full team here."

Twitter has reacted as expected.

Photo: Steph Curry/Twitter