NASA astronaut Andrew Morgan just tweeted several photos he captured of the smoke from the Kincade Fire as seen from the International Space Station this morning.

"I was able to catch these pictures of the California wildfires burning north of the Bay Area," Morgan writes. "Thinking of the people who have lost their homes and the brave first responders on the front lines protecting them."

The photos show the large plume of smoke drifting inward over Northern California and dispersing across the Bay Area in a thin haze. Air quality in San Francisco is currently good (AQI 28) thanks to a solid onshore breeze, but clearly there's a lot of smoke out there that could easily drift back over the city if winds shift.

Photo: Andrew Morgan/Twitter

As ABC 7 reports, the fire was visible from San Francisco Tuesday night, 80 miles away, via the station's camera atop Sutro Tower. The fire grew to 76,825 acres, and is now 30 percent contained.

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