In a Today show interview earlier this week, retired NBA star Michael Jordan casually crapped on Warriors star Steph Curry, saying he wouldn't include him in a five-man "dream team" if he had to choose.

"He's still a great player," Jordan said. "Not a Hall of Famer yet, though. He's not." Twitter begs to differ, Mr. Jordan, and now both Curry and coach Steve Kerr have issued their official responses to the diss.

Ever humble, Curry — who's a two-time league MVP, the first time in a first-ever unanimous decision — said, "I think I’m good, but then I’m never complacent." As Complex reports, Curry went on to say, "I know I have more to prove to myself. When you hear a guy like that who’s the greatest of all time, it’s kind of funny. Since we’ve been on this stage, we’ve heard a lot of retired guys chiming in on this generation of basketball player and evaluating talent and saying their generation was better and all that. It’s a great conversation for the fans to get in on. I know I’m in good shape for that, but I still have a lot to prove to myself."

Warriors coach Steve Kerr was less forgiving, saying to 95.7 FM on Tuesday, "I think Michael has his own version of the Hall of Fame. It’s in his own head, whatever that is, then that’s what it is."

The Warriors' opening-night game at the Chase Center is on Thursday, October 24, against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Below, some more of Twitter's reaction to the Jordan vs. Curry non-feud.

Photo: Bryan Horowitz/Wikimedia