After an ungodly amount of political hoopla and controversy, Suzy Loftus was officially sworn in as interim District Attorney of San Francisco by Mayor Breed yesterday, inside the book-boarded office she’ll occupy for the next few weeks – or, potentially, much longer.

When news broke of the sudden resignation of then SF DA George Gascón – who left his post a short 35 days before the election to replace him – it was reason enough to raise an eyebrow. But when Mayor Breed quickly (read: in less than 12 hours) announced that she’d be replacing his seat with still-candidate Suzy Loftus until the final November vote, suffice to say that was enough cause to elevate both brows.

Nevertheless, Loftus was officially sworn in during a small ceremony Saturday, despite the highly criticized (and widely frowned up) decision.

“Voters were excited about having the first open race in 100 years — and then, suddenly, to have it stolen from them,” said Leif Dautch, a deputy state attorney general and candidate for the yet-voted on position, to the Chronicle regarding Saturday’s swift decision. “The backlash I’ve seen has been significant [...] it’s been greater than any benefit she would enjoy.”

More so, and as SFist reported on earlier last week, a recent poll showed Breed's controversial handling of the DA appointment two weeks ago was lambasted by many. Of those surveyed in the poll, 40 percent didn’t approve of Breed’s hasty appointment of Loftus, leaving only 25 percent believing that the odious power play was worthy of praise; the remaining 35 percent didn’t have an opinion, either way – which, frankly, means they hadn’t been doing their due diligence.

If elected, Loftus said during Saturday’s ceremony that she’d have a headstart in spearheading an office she, in a bout of shade to Gascón, referred to as in “some level of disarray.” (So, yea: Take that as you will.)

Loftus will still have her name alongside SF Public Defender Office attorney Chesa Boudin and prosecutors Nancy Tung and aforementioned Leif Dautch – who have both worked in the state Attorney General's Office – on the November 5th ballot.

Gascón is believed to be seeking the same office he left, this time in Los Angeles, according to the Chronicle.

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Image: Instagram via @suzyloftus4da