A group of men in a white or silver SUV, some wearing Halloween masks, attempted assaults on two men walking on the street in Noe Valley Monday night.

Four suspects, one waving an aluminum baseball bat, got out of the vehicle and chased down one man who was walking home along Jersey Street. The incident was all caught on a resident's Ring security camera and shared with NBC Bay Area. The man says one of the suspects asked if his name was "Sammy."

It's unclear if the suspects were in search of a specific person or if the assault attempts were random, because a second victim described the same group chasing after him minutes earlier on 26th Street.

Matt Borg spoke to NBC Bay Area saying it was "probably the scariest thing I've ever seen," saying that a suspect wearing a "Scream" mask and waving a baseball bat came running after him.

Borg cried out for help, much like the second victim can be heard doing on the surveillance footage, and he also managed to call 911 by hitting the side button on his iPhone three times. A dispatcher then came on whom he was able to talk to through his AirPods while running away from the attackers.

Borg says the men circled back in the vehicle and found him a second time and he continued running and describing the situation to the dispatcher. Ultimately the SFPD showed up at the scene, and they are investigating.

Thankfully no one was injured.

Photo: Gennady Grachev/Wikimedia