• Supervisor Vallie Brown is accused of evicting tenants 25 years ago. Sup. Brown acknowledges the eviction, which happened in 1994, but her November opponent Dean Preston will surely make hay of the matter. [SF Weekly]
  • Ships have started arriving for this weekend’s Fleet Week proceedings. Seacraft include specimens of U.S. Navy ships, Coast Guard cutters, and even the Royal Australian Navy. [KGO]
  • Visa and Mastercard will have no part of Facebook’s Libra digital cryptocurrency, a “potentially fatal blow” to the digital currency. [AP]
  • An SFPD officer allegedly lied under oath in the case of a severe beating of a bicyclist.  [MissionLocal]
  • The Ocean Beach Music + Art Festival gets jiggy with it starting at 11 a.m. Saturday.  [Funcheap]

Image: KTDrasky via Flickr