Don’t sweat: BART is still on-track to service part of San Jose by the end of this calendar year. However, the rapid transit system we love to hate — but absolutely need — might not reach certain parts of Silicon Valley, including downtown San Jose, until 2030.

Curbed SF reported earlier this week that Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) estimates that stations, like the Diridon and Downtown San Jose stops, could be delayed as until as late as 2030.

“This is a preliminary estimate,” Bernice Alaniz, the communications and business operations director, said to Mercury News when asked about why BART service to certain parts of Silicon Valley could be put off...even further. "The [earlier 2026 projection] was based on environmental clearance and other milestones occurring at specific times,” Alaniz said, also adding that “If nothing else changes, the time could get pushed out” regarding service to downtown San Jose.

“This demonstrates the challenges of two major transit agencies working together, which is what we need more of in the future,” said Teresa Alvarado, director of the San Jose office of the nonprofit planning organization SPUR, speaking to the Mercury News, indicating the need for both BART and VTA to mesh without any hiccups.

“Going it alone isn’t what we want. We need seamless transit in the Bay Area and for transit agencies to learn how to integrate their services.”

(Alvarado is also one of the members of a VTA-organized community working group responsible for monitoring the San Jose BART’s downtown project.)

2029 is, according to transit officials, the earliest start date for BART’s lagging Silicon Valley service stops, which make up the $5.51 billion Silicon Valley Phase II plan.

BART service to San Jose, nevertheless, begins in November, with the north San Jose’s Berryessa Station and the Milpitas Station shuttling passengers by December; these two stops represent service extensions from Silicon Valley Phase I of the VTA and BART collaboration.

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BART's Milpitas And Berryessa Stations On Track For December Openings

Photo: Franco Folini/Flickr