A planned "climate strike" protest by students drew thousands of others and shut down bus, streetcar, and vehicle traffic on Market Street Friday morning.

The protest appears to have drawn tens of thousands of people, however exact numbers are not yet available. Muni announced as of 11 a.m. that it was rerouting all Market Street bus lines onto Mission Street for the time being.

The march went down Market toward the Embarcadero, and then snaked onto streets in the Financial District, creating widespread gridlock.

Some protesters were chanting Sen. Dianne Feinstein's name, and a couple others were painting a line down Market Street to show the march's path for those behind them. Students and many others are demanding swift action on climate-change policy, as they have been in increasing numbers over the last year.

As Bay City News reports, 400 students walked out of classes at Berkeley High School and took BART to attend the march. Many other students at Oakland schools attended as part of planned field trips.

As ABC 7 reported earlier Friday, the protest in San Francisco is one of may happening simultaneously in cities across the U.S. and it's tied to the United Nation's Climate Action Summit happening in a few days in New York City.

Images coming out of New York on Twitter show a massive crowd there as well.