Ex-NFL player Terrell Roberts, a Berkeley native who once played two seasons as a defensive back for the Cincinnati Bengals, was visiting his grandmother’s East Bay home this past week when a suspect barged into the home, and shot Roberts in the chest, leaving him fatally wounded.

Last week, the home on the 1200 block of Fascination Circle in Richmond, where Roberts’ grandmother resides, was home to not only a family reunion but an episode of gun violence that took Roberts' life.

RPD (Richmond Police Department) officers responded to the scene a hair past 4 p.m. Wednesday, where they promptly found Roberts listless in the backyard of his grandmother’s home…"with a gunshot wound to the chest," Richmond police Sgt. Enrik said to The Richmond Standard.

The 38-year-old was pronounced dead on the scene.

On-site investigators believe the shots were fired in the garage after a heated altercation between Roberts and the unnamed suspect. Following his gunshot wound, Roberts then fled to the backyard, where he soon collapsed, prior to RPD officers finding him

Yet, it’s still unclear as to who might be responsible for Robert’s untimely death.

“She was saying that she knew some of his so-called friends but she doesn’t know who it was, why they would do it to him,” Roberts' grandmother’s neighbor, Domald Monk, told KPIX regarding the at-large suspect. “She didn’t know [who the shooter might be].”

The NFL veteran family said in a press release, per KPIX, that he had a “heart of gold,” with “no known enemies.” “[Terrell was not] mixed up in anything bad,” they added.

The case is still being feverishly investigated by RPD, and SFist will be following with any updates.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram, via @ktvu2