A driver in a police pursuit that began in Dublin may have tried to crash into a CHP blockade in Oakland, which led to the complete halting of traffic on westbound I-580 Tuesday morning.

As Bay City News reports, the CHP initially shut down the left two westbound lanes around 10:30 a.m., and at 11 a.m. the agency said all westbound lanes now shut to traffic. The chase apparently ended where 580 intersects with Highway 24 and 980.

Per the tweets below, it appears that ABC 7 newscaster Leslie Brinkley was caught in the traffic just before where the final crash occurred.

As ABC 7 reports, there were "major traffic back-ups" all around the scene as CHP's investigation was ongoing.

KTVU's Tom Vacar reported there also may have been shots fired.

As of noon, CHP Oakland said it was diverting all traffic onto Highway 24 and I-980.

Photo: CHP