• Bernie Sanders hosted a town hall on college affordability, just blocks away from the DNC summer meeting — at the downtown Hilton. Sanders addressed a crowd of 1,400 supporters in a warehouse for a town hall on college affordability, yesterday afternoon. [ABC 7]
  • California is having one of its calmest wildfire seasons in nearly 20 years [knock on wood]. While the Amazon continues to burn at an unprecedented and demoralizing rate, the verdure around the Golden State seems to be holding up. [Mercury News]
  • Two people were injured in an altercation in the Mission District early Friday, one stabbed the other shot. The men, 25 and 30 years old, were fighting at the corner of 19th and Capp Streets, the 25-year-old stabbing the older gentleman, then shooting at him, only to miss and, instead, injure a 26-year-old-woman, according to the SFPD; the two injured parties were taken to a nearby hospital, where both are reported to be in stable condition. [Mercury News]
  • Oakland addresses the city’s ungodly amount of potholes with “The Great Pave." Yesterday, the Fruitvale side street got a much-needed amount of new asphalt, kicking-off the East Bay initiative to fix Oakland's dilapidated city streets. [Chronicle]
  • These diminutive San Francisco streets boast the city’s expensive real estate. [SF Gate]
  • As of yesterday, all SF stores are now legally required to accept cash payments. [ABC 7]
  • Yes, SamTrans, the Peninsula-running a fleet of buses, do still exist—even though you’ll (probably) still take BART. [SF Examiner]
  • The Times has a big piece about Uber circling the drain. [New York Times]
  • These are the most breathtaking, Instagram-friendly staircases in all of San Francisco. [Curbed SF]

Photo: Courtesy of Vidar Nordli-Mathisen, via Unsplah