One of the darlings of the local government Twitterati, the voice behind the @OfficerEdith Twitter handle that tweets cute pictures of animals rescued by Animal Care & Control, is actually named Lt. Eleanor Sadler, and she just gave her first interview to the Chronicle.

If you aren't yet a follower, you clearly should be, as "Officer Edith" tends not to focus on the saddest or most tragic of cases that the department deals with. Rather, Sadler says she knows that people on Twitter need a break from the noise and the crushing realities on the platform everyday. "They don’t want to hear the horrible stories," she tells the Chronicle. "They don’t want to see pictures of animals in distress. All they want are cute pictures, and I have those."

Indeed, she does. Below are just a few recent examples.

The Twitter avatar for Officer Edith has, since the account began in 2015, been a green parrot whose name was, in fact, Officer Edith. The parrot lived in the officer's squad room, and the account was supposed to be from her perspective — but she has since died, and the account lives on.

Sadler tells the Chronicle that the account, which boasts over 17,000 followers, is great for getting the word out about pet-adoption deals like the Clear the Shelters Day deal they had over the weekend ($30 per dog or cat, and a two-for-one deal for kittens).

As for the most common things that Animal Care & Control has to deal with?

... injured pigeons, and dead cats, and raccoons stuck in fences, and coyote sightings... Skunks fall into holes. They don’t have very good depth perception, so at construction sites there’s always a skunk at the bottom of a hole. We have to fish them out, and they’re usually grateful. They don’t spray very often if you know how to speak to them kindly.