If you’ve trekked along Market Street in recent weeks, odds are you’ve seen the vocal protests denouncing ICE happening outside such places like Amazon's downtown hub and Senator Feinstein's office. Now, those efforts are all funneled on the sidewalks hugging San Francisco’s ICE headquarters.

The 30 days of non-stop protesting officially began August 1st at 630 Sansome Street. Organized by the folks of the Month of Momentum, these vociferous, visible uproars serve as a reminder of the humanitarian crisis happening at the border; the protests, too, aim to shine a light on the indecencies of the recent ICE raids across “liberal cities,” like San Francisco.

The protests follow another in late July that became a campout outside ICE HQ, which the SFPD broke up in the early hours of July 31.

“Caging children, keeping them from having access to basic necessities, from their families, is unacceptable,” says Penny Rosenwasser, a protest organizer for the anti-ICE demonstrations, to KQED. "I call it 'activism as therapy,” she adds, referencing how protests, like these, give people an outlet to express their discontent, all while bringing awareness to like-minded plights.

Rosenwasser also noted that many wave red banners, inscribed with "Close the Camps: Seeking Refuge is Not Illegal."

Organizers plan on placing a different subset of willing advocates—which includes both public and private school teachers, lawyers, health care workers, supporters of the Abolish ICE movement, etc.—out to stand in front of ICE’s SF front door, each day.

To cope with the expected influx of protesters from demonstrations like this, ICE has gone on record to say they’re beefing-up “security measures.”

"In response to recent protests, ICE has taken additional security measures to ensure employee safety and the security of all offices," said Paul Prince, a spokesman for Homeland Security, in a public media statement. "ICE operations across the country have and will continue to proceed as normal despite these events."

The protests are expected to occur throughout the rest of August, beginning at noon and ending around 1pm.

Photo: Courtesy of Fibonacci Blue, via Flickr